World Environment Day 5.6.24

world environment day

World Environment Day 2024 focuses on land restoration, halting desertification and building drought resilience under the slogan “Our land. Our future.”

We should grow trees, revive water sources, and bring back soils. We are the generation that can make peace with land.

At Binary Foundation , children were made aware about the environmental issues through various activities.

Activity 1 : Word Search Puzzle based on environment day

Explanation : Locate and mark all the words hidden within a grid of letters. The words can be arranged horizontally , vertically , diagonally and sometimes even backwards. The words are typically listed alongside the grid for reference. The goal is to find all the listed words as quickly as possible.

Objective : The objective of the activity is to ;

1)Build vocabulary.

2)Enhance awareness of important words related to environment.

3)Improve thinking and critical skills.

Activity 2 : Drawing and colouring based on Environment

Explanation : Children made the drawing of green earth and coloured it with bright colours. Also they wrote the message ‘ Save Earth and save future “

Objective : The objective was to make children aware about the environmental issues and  importance of green earth.

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