Education is the fundamental right of every child

Education is fundamental right of every child. For the development of any society, Education is a very powerful and effective medium. It is a universally accepted principle that everyone should be well educated and strive to do welfare of the people. Through our project Udaan , we can make education available , accessible and affordable.

Currently Good early education is not provided to many children, specially from disadvantaged backgrounds. We intend to provide best primary education and bridge the gap of formal education.

Binary Foundation intend to provide education to underprivileged children free of cost. We intend to provide quality education to children in EWS category. The Gap between rich and poor is very high in India and Binary foundation want to reduce this gap by providing holistic education. Our aim to bring some positive change in society.

Education is the movement that can bring a person from darkness to light. To achieve this transformation, we provide after school education to the underprivileged children living in the urban slums. We intend to offer a well balanced and broad curriculum with emphasis on creativity and excellence through various curricular, extracurricular and sports activities.

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