Holi celebration at Binary Foundation

Holi is a very old Hindu festival that is celebrated in the month of march. It is also called as festival of colours. It celebrates the victory of good over evil. The eve of festival is celebrated by conducting a ritual called as Holika Dahan and next day Holi is played with colours.

Holi was celebrated with lots of excitement , wishes and love in Binary Foundation. The festival of colours was celebrated through many interesting , colourful and creative activities.

The following fun activities were organised for learning and celebrating the festival of Holi ;

  • Holi card Making Activity
  • Hand Printing Activity
  • Scatter Joy Chart Activity
  • Significance of Holi was told to students
  • Few lines on Holi were recited by children
  • Holi Snacks were distributed

Children enjoyed making Holi themed cards. It was heartening to see little kids splashing paint on charts with their hands. They thoroughly enjoyed this activity. Holi commemorates the victory of good over evil. The message was told with the help of story. Children were asked to recite 5 lines on the festival. It help in enhancing the confidence of students. Any festival is incomplete without sweets. Snacks and sweets were distributed to children. In short, Holi spreads love and brotherhood. It removes all sort of negativity from life.

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